I took my first Salsa class in January of this year and have enjoyed it so much that I have been going each week since. For beginners the instructor breaks the dance down to the basics making it easy for anyone to learn the dance. . . she gives the students a great foundation upon which to build. I love the classes and will continue to attend. If fact, I look forward to to it each week. I highly recommend this class for everyone interested in learning the Salsa. 
Jane, Liverpool

 My wife Margaret and I have been going to Salsa Kings and started as beginners, we have been enjoying ourselves immensely at Woodys. I started dancing salsa last August at 38 years of age! I have learned that it is never too late to take up something you enjoy. My wife also started dancing with me at 33 years of age. We have been married for twelve years and have three sons. The Salsa class has helped us gain confidence to go onto the dance floor and has enabled us to enjoy life all the more. Thank you! 

Jay & Margaret, Formby

 I have been taking Latin dancing lessons and its is so nice to be able to look and practice the moves at a slower pace with the private 1 2 1 lessons. I'm a disc jockey who works with female assistants so we can now actually do Latin dance moves on the floor and people love watching us dance. 

Paul H, Crosby

 In addition to gaining confidence in Salsa dancing, I have gained confidence to do many other things, including talking in front of other people. It has enabled me also to be very comfortable with the opposite sex, in and out of the dance floor .... and I feel that I have become a more 'approachable' male to them. Thanks for your help. 

Dave G, Liverpool

 Hi Ana, just to thank yourself and Sandra / Robert for a lovely New Year's Eve Party st Greenbank, and to commend you all for the effort that you must have put in. It was very well organised and a lovely occasion to be part of. Pity that you had to spend most of your time in the entrance corridor welcoming people as the arrived. The music good, atmosphere great and food yummy, and I'm sure that everyone had a thoroughly good evening. With all my best wishes for the New Year.